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McCabe Feeds supply a wide range of dosing equipment including a selection of drenchers, syringes and needles.

In terms of Drenchers, we stock a wide range such as the Henke Ecomatic 12.5ml with tubing drench gun which is Premium-quality plastic syringe with durable plastic barrel and is exceptional in price and performance.

Our Syringes section include the Lamb Reviver Syringe and the popular Prima Tech Vaccine Gun which is a self contained, one-handed vaccinator allowing full mobility without returning to the bottle. The vaccinator is created to allow efficient and effective application on cattle. The Prima Bottle Mount Vaccinator has V shaped handles that helps to keep the vaccinator secure in the users hand along with a fully adjustable dose setting ensures accuracy in administration of the medicine. The vaccinator is easy to clean and re-lubrication gives better performance and longer life.

Our Needles section includes Disposable Needles, Flutter Valve Needles and 12 packs of stainless steel needles.

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