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McCabe Feeds supply a wide range of Farming Equipment including First aid kits, Slurry fittings, Farming Tools and much more.

Our popular Cling seal is a new generation clamp sheet that sits directly beneath the traditional silage sheet. The product “clings” more closely to the contours of the clamp’s surface which allows it to tuck better at the sides. Rhino Clingseal is a thin, flexible low permeability ­film. It is specifically designed to closely follow and cling to the clamp surface where it prevents pockets of trapped air forming to significantly reduce aerobic spoilage on the top and shoulders.

The Fertilizer Bag Dispenser is a system that allows farmers to save time when they empty their big bag of fertilizer or seed. No more need for shovels and less fatigue. Simply place the bag on top of the dispenser and its ready to use. Farmers can drain a big bag partially as they need.

McCabe Feeds stock Bio Slurry which is an extra strength inoculant. Bio Slurry helps to increases N, P & K Retention in slurry and N, P, K availability in soil. Reduces harmful gasses in slurry, reduces agitation time and reduces odour. Bio Slurry improves soil structure, organic matter & biology (worm & soil friendly).

Our Farming Tools consist of Yard Scrapers which are all heavy duty, galvanised yard scrapers used for clearing debris or snow off a flat surface, moving manure, levelling soil, scraping hay or moving loose sand, and Shovels which are suitable for transferring all materials such as dirt, mulch, or gravel and are heavy use tool for a multitude of tasks.

We also stock Farm Safety, Wind breakers, Farm Signs and much more Farm Equipment.

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