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McCabe Feeds supply a wide range of Silage making Equipment including Protection Nets, Rhino Silo Bags, Cling Seal and Bird Netting.

Our Rhino Silo Protection Nets give maximum protection to your silage cover when used in conjunction with Silo bags so that the previous practice of coverings with sand or tyres is not necessary.

The Rhino Silage Gravel Bags fix each other in place by means of supporting sleeves. Tyres do not provide an air tight positioning because of their circular shape.

McCabe Feeds stock a range of Cling Seal in many sizes such as Cling Seal 8Mtr X 50Mtr and Cling Seal 16Mtr X 50Mtr. Rhino Clingseal is a new generation clamp sheet that sits directly beneath the traditional silage sheet. The product “clings” more closely to the contours of the clamp’s surface which allows it to tuck better at the sides. Rhino Cling seal is a thin, flexible low permeability ­film. It is specifically designed to closely follow and cling to the clamp surface where it prevents pockets of trapped air forming to significantly reduce aerobic spoilage on the top and shoulders.

Our Rhino Bird Netting comes in two main sizes, Rhino Bird Net 10M x 15M and Rhino Bird Net 15M x 20M. Our Rhino Bird Netting is of a strong, versatile quality and when installed correctly can provide 100% protection.

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