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McCabe Feeds supply a wide range of Oils & Lubricants including Chainsaw Oil, Mineral Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Gem Oils, Antifreeze and much more.

The WD40 is an all-purpose liquid for displacing moisture, corrosion control, lubrication, cleaning and penetration. It can penetrate the minute grain boundaries on all the metals. WD-40 protects the metal from rust and corrosion, penetrates stuck or jammed parts, displaces moisture and lubricates just about anything.

Our Gem Bar & Chain Oil Professional is a tacky medium viscosity chain saw oil enhanced with anti-wear additives to reduce chain stretch.

The Gem Universal Antifreeze G230 is a coolant concentrate based on monoethylene glycol, containing corrosion inhibitors, no nitrates, amines or phosphates, suitable for all year round use in both petrol and diesel engines.

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