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McCabe Feeds supply a wide range of Calving and Lambing Equipment including Milk Heaters, Calf Feeders, Lamb Teats, Milk Carts and much more.

Our popular Milk Heater is easy to clean and is made of Stainless steel stand pipe and high heating power band step-less adjustable thermostat. A powerful 3000 Watt Milk Heater which saves time and money.

This Calf Feeder is a heavy duty roto moulded construction with heavy duty HDG hanging brackets. It has 6 compartments,1.8L capacity per compartment and 20L capacity in total up to 1 inch from the top.

Hiko lamb teat are made for durable white rubber. They are perfect for spare teat and can be used in other hiko compatible lamb products. A soft teat to fit bar feeders, shepherdess feeders, ewe 2 feeders etc.

The Moocall Calving Sensor is a non-invasive sensor that will monitor a pregnant cow and notify you by a text message to your mobile phone when the animal is close to calving. The Moocall operates by attaching the device to the cow's tail and gathering over 600 pieces of information per second, by monitoring tail movement and other indications Moocall can accurately predict the time of birth an hour before hand.

Our Lamb Feeder Shepherdess is a unique milk feeder offering the ideal start in life for orphan lambs giving consistent warm feed 24 hours per day.

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