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McCabe Feeds supply a wide range of Animal Feed including Calf Feed, Horse Food, Cow Food, Sheep Food and Pet Food.

Our selection of Animal Pet Foods include the very popular Feedwell range. We stock both Feedwell Sport and Topdog Flake (Meat), which are both available in 15kg bags.

In terms of Calf Feed, we supply popular products such as Calf Starter Krunch and also Calf Follow On Krunch.

As well as this, we stock First Fibre Bale which is uniquely formulated to vastly improve the Rumen development process in the first few weeks of life. First Fibre is a complete fibre mix of three sources containing: Lucerne; first generation Timothy Grass; and dried Straw to improve Rumen gut wall integrity, papillae growth and the development of primary enzymes and is extremely palatable, high protein ration coupled with a balanced Vitamin, Mineral and Amino Acid inclusion gives superior efficiency and absorbtion of nutrients.

Iverpraz which is fast and effective parasite control for horses, donkeys, ponies, mares and foals. Iverpraz Paste the control and treatment of tapeworms, pinworms, large and small strongyles, hairworms, roundworms(ascarids), large-mouth stomach worms, neck threadworms, intestinal threadworms, bots, lungworms and cutaneous onchocerchiasis in equids. with a single dose.

We also stock a range of salt licks for horses, Maize Lamb Finisher for Sheep, Poultry Feeders and Poultry Drinkers and a range of other Animal Feed products.

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