Is your Garden Summer Ready?
Published: 21/05/24

Getting Your Garden Summer Ready

It is that time of year again and although we haven’t had much nice weather, we are eagerly awaiting some sunshine. May has arrived and after many months of rain, there hasn’t been much time to spruce up the garden or clean down the paths. There has been no need for garden furniture as of yet, but surely, we are due some nice weather soon.

With that in mind, it’s time to get the essentials in order to brighten up the garden and get the weeds under control. Weed prevention is key to saving time in the long run. There are many things you can be proactively doing to prevent weeds from growing:


By ensuring your lawn is fertilised adequately, not too much and not too little, this will help to prevent weeds from growing as too little fertiliser can lead to sparse lawn which will allow for weeds to grow. Too much fertiliser can unfortunately nurture certain weeds to grow so its important to strike a good balance and use a controlled released nitrogen-based fertiliser which will provide a slow and steady nutrient supply to your lawn. If you have any queries in relation to what fertiliser you should use, speak to one of our team members in McCabe Feeds and they will be able to assist you! In addition to bags of fertiliser, mulching the grass on a regular basis allows for natural fertilisation to occur. So instead of cutting and emptying the grass, select the mulching option (may not be available on all lawnmowers) to allow for natural fertilisation.

Ground Cover Fabric

You can place a physical barrier over bare soil around your plants and trees and this will prevent weeds from growing but will allow air, water, and nutrients to get to the plant roots. Rhino Ground Cover Fabric is an ideal barrier and is available in 2 different sizes in McCabe Feeds (1m x 15m and 1m x 50m).


Its important to ensure lawns are adequately watered. Unfortunately, in Ireland this tends to not be an issue and the amount of rainfall we have received over the last few months has been substantial. Too much water is also a disadvantage as this encourages the likes of moss to grow. Too much rain also prevents us from getting a chance to mow our lawns and keep the weeds at bay. It is also beneficial to mow higher as mowing too low can weaken the soil bed preventing the production of nutrients. Another key step to help your lawn is to edge your lawn with a half moon lawn edger to allow water to get away and prevent weeds growing out through your kerbs, borders, etc. This will also create a clean look to your lawn. McCabe Feeds have a full range of gardening products so be sure to check out their full range here: Planting and Weeding Tools | Gardening | McCabe Feeds


Weeds can quickly grow and need sunlight in order to do so. By placing mulch over the soil, this will block sunlight getting to the weeds and as a result will prevent them from sprouting.

Use of Herbicides

McCabe Feeds have a full range of herbicides to help you control weeds in your garden including moss, clover, dandelions etc. It is important to use the correct herbicides and follow the instructions on the bottle. Have a chat with the team at McCabe Feeds and they will be happy to assist you with your selection depending on the weeds that you have. You will also find excellent sprayers at McCabe Feeds which allow you to spray your weeds in a quick efficient way. Check out the sprayers available here:

Sprayers | Fencing & Grass Management | McCabe Feeds

Cutting, Pruning and Strimming

Pruning allows you to encourage growth and reduces the risk of infection. Weeding/ strimming the base of your flowers, trees etc will allow for less competition of nutrients between your flowers/trees and the weeds. It will promote growth and ensures adequate resources for your trees or flowers. McCabe Feeds have a range of gardening tools from hedge trimmers, to cord for your strimmer’s and an extensive range of gloves to protect those hands at work. It is important to ensure correct health and safety measures are taken during your gardening tasks, so be sure to wear the appropriate safety gear including, gloves, safety glasses, masks, safety shoes etc to protect yourself. McCabe Feeds is your one stop shop for all your gardening needs.

Paths, Decking, Patios

In addition to your lawn, garden beds and trees its important to keep your patios and paths clean and free of debris. These areas can also be places where weeds can grow so be sure to spray these areas and use a power washer to keep them clean. There are various different sizes of power washers available, at McCabe Feeds so be sure to check out our full range and reach out if you have any questions. We also stock detergents which will help you to keep the place nice and tidy.

All these steps will help you stay on top of your gardening tasks to prevent weeds from taking over. If you have any questions in relation to pesticides, detergents, the tools required or grass seed and fertiliser please don’t hesitate to contact any of our Team members in McCabe Feeds.

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