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Kenosan 22kg 2-4% dilution

Kenosan 22kg 2-4% dilution


About this product

Kenosan combines ultra-strong adhesion power and deep penetrating cleaning action at very low dilutions! The high-level formulation guarantees a unique cleaning result in the most heavy-duty circumstances in the pig, poultry and dairy houses. The cleaning action also gets amplified by extended contact time due to the sticky foam that remains attached upon all types of surface.

- unique formula based on new technologies
- sticky and long-lasting foam
- extreme dirt penetrating capacity
- very economical use
- non corrosive

How to use:
- Use Kenosan at 0,5 to 2 % dilution and apply with normal dosing or foaming equipment.
- Let the product react during 10 to 60 minutes.
- Rinse with potable hot or cold water after treatment.
- Avoid contamination of food during application and storage

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