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Butox 7.5% pour on 2.5ltr

Butox 7.5% pour on 2.5ltr


About this product

Butox 7.5mg/ml is a pour on solution for the treatment and prevention cattle flies, cattle and sheep lice and sheep keds. Butox Pour on covers a Broad number of paracites in both cattle and sheep.

Active Ingredient: Deltamethrin

Target Species: Cattle and Sheep



          Dose Rate

Flies: Prevention and treatment of flies on calves and other cattle

Cattle: Up to 100kg 10ml 100kg to 300kg        20ml

Over 300kg              30ml

Lice: Prevention and treatment of biting and sucking lice on calves, adult cattle and sheep

Cattle and Sheep: 10ml per animal irrespective of body weight

Keds: Prevention and treatment of sheep keds

    Sheep: 10ml per animal

Make sure to always read leaflet enclosed with information on Butox pour-on before admiration to animals.

Recommended Applications
Lice: One Single application is generally enough for 8-10 weeks protection but in a case of heavy infestation it may be necessary to repeat treatment after 4-6 weeks. All in contact animals must be treated at the same time.
Flies: One single application provides protection against flies for 6-10 weeks depending on the degree of infestation, fly species and weather conditions.

Administration: Remove cap, attach applicator, fill dose by squeezing container, apply by pouring it along the spine from base of head to the tail.

Meat :
Cattle: 18 days
Sheep: 48 hours

Cattle and sheep: 12 hours


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