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Bayticol  1% pour-on 1 ltr.

Bayticol 1% pour-on 1 ltr.


About this product

Bayticol 1% is a pour on solution for the control of:
- Ticks and biting lice
- Sucking lice and mange.
- Bayticol 1% is also extremely affective against red water tick.

Active Ingredient: Flumethrin

Target Species: Beef and dairy cattle including pregnant animals.

- Control of ticks and biting lice 1ml per 10kg bodyweight
- Control of sucking lice and mange 2ml per 10kg bodyweight

Administration: Apply Bayticol 1% by pouring it along the spine from base of head to the tail. Treat at 14 day intervals according to tick pressure

- Animals must not be slaughtered for human consumption during treatment or until 5 days after the last treatment
- Milk for human consumption may be taking only 10 days

Advantages of using Bayticol 1%
The formulation in Baytocol 1% blends with the animals natural oils which therefore gives a longer lasting treatment.
- As Bayticol 1% is a ready to use pour on solution it be less time consuming on the farmer
- Butox Pour on will also cause less stress on the animal as it is so quick and easy.









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